710 mm Brushed Steel Hairpin Table Legs (Set of 4)


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Set of 4 brushed steel 710 mm hairpin table legs (28″) with protective clear coat.

Made from 12 mm heavy duty steel rod.

These 710 mm (28”) are the best choice for dining tables and desks.

A sturdy twist on the classic mid-century modern style hairpin leg built from solid 12 mm diameter steel. The centre rod makes for a much more solid leg, perfect for desks and tables or other pieces that require more rigidity.

Also available in Black or White powder coat and Raw Steel.

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These mid-century modern style hairpin legs were first designed by Henry Class in 1941. A true war-time invention, their design limited the amount of material needed while keeping the strength of traditional legs. A true form meets function story.

Hairpin legs allow for a light look while giving you a very solid table. If you’re looking for an unusual twist to your DIY project then these are a great option. The 3 rod hairpin table leg design adds a lot of strength making these legs ideal for a dining table or desk.

Screws are not included with the hairpin legs as we suggest you use the longest screw possible for the table top you have chosen for your project. We recommend using a 10 gauge (10G) wood screw.

Also available in Black or White powder coat and Raw Steel.

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